Learning Technology Labs at Xavier University


Use this page to schedule Canvas or other learning technology lab sessions with Daniel Wooddell, the Instructional Technologist at Xavier University. These sessions are intended for Xavier faculty members who need assistance with the learning technologies that are used at Xavier.

General technology support resources and a list of technology options that are available to faculty can be found here: http://www.xavier.edu/teachingwithtech
You can request additional technologies to be researched and added to the Teaching with Technology site by using the “Contact Us” link in the site above.

General faculty training on Canvas is provided online via the “Canvas Basics for Faculty” training course, which is found under your “Courses” menu in Canvas. You can also access the course by pasting this link in your browser: https://canvas.xavier.edu/courses/23190

Click on an available time below to schedule a lab session. Use the “Jump To Date” button or the colored arrows below to change the displayed dates on the scheduler. Contact Daniel Wooddell (wooddelld@xavier.edu) directly if you would like to schedule a session that is outside of the available days and times on the scheduler. You may also book one session for a small group of faculty members if others in your area would like related technology assistance. If you would like to book a group lab session please make a note of this in the description area of this booking form.

Technology lab sessions are held online through Zoom.
I will contact you if there are any scheduling conflicts with your booking. Thank you! -Daniel

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